India: Day One

Day one. Hi from Bangalore, the fifth fast growing city in the world.

The traffic is something else, cars lorries buses auto-rickshaws motor

bikes pedal bikes steet vendors some going against the traffic tooting

and hooting merrily lots of noise, smells and atmosphere!

Cows feeding on grass in the middle of streets, the side walks, I'm

getting American, pavements appaling, holes and rubble etc. really

have to watch your step, plenty of scope for broken legs! Crossing the

road is a nerve wracking experience, easiest to stick close to someone

who looks local and hope for the best. Its like a garden city, lots of

trees, blossom and flowers.

Food is great,masala dosa (a spiced potato and veg. mix, with rice

flour crepe) for breakfast, cooked by Rob, supper at small restaurant,

fish kebabs, gobi manchurian, Chinese influence? chicken masala, all

delicious, wonderful flavours!! cost about £7, and one third of the

cost was for the Kingfisher beer which is brewed here in Bangalore.

I am boring, and this is only day one.

Love to you all,


P.S. Rob has fixed it so that I get my e-mails here.